Monday, 10 April 2017

Lunch and Learn.....BluePrint Ceramics have now got official CPD acreddited learning material.

Lunch & Learn

BluePrint are happy to announce that we can now offer CPD accredited learning material. We have collaborated with industry professionals to produce our very first CPD   

For those of our readers who are not familiar with CPD, CPD is the continued professional development of professionals in their area of expertise. BluePrint CPD material is targeted at architects.  Charted architects must accrue 35 hours of CPD training every year, with this training Architects must also distribute at least 100 CPD points amongst the learning that they undertake.

BluePrint would like to introduce our first CPD, ‘’An introduction to tile specification’’, the module is an introduction and overview ideal for specifiers and installers of tiles. The CPD provides guidance on selecting and specifying tiles and further understanding the issues to be considered.

BluePrint can offer these seminars as a lunchtime seminar, Lunch & Learn, in fact breakfast or brunch. We will go along to the client’s offices or practices, with lunch in hand and provide the delegates with a 45-minute presentation along with a Q & A session at the end, where we will be able to assist our clients with any burning issues or questions they may want to ask.

We are so excited to be able to offer this service. You can find out more information or if you would like to book a seminar please click on the link below.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Interior Tile Trends from the Experts at BluePrint Ceramics

Earthy Inspirations

This year will see earthy tones being showcased in interior design projects far and wide. Expect to see Pale Pinks, Terracotta and Olive Greens. These slightly muted shades  allow a subtle injection of colour into minimalistic settings. colours of this nature mean they flow well with natural tones, and can often bring a simple design to life. Here are some of the BluePrint experts favourite interior designs.

Ashe + Leandro

Bulb Interiors

For those who are not quite ready to experiment with bold colours, these earthy tones are the perfect option for an introduction to colour. These hues can work perfectly with metallic such as coppers and compliment wood furniture and flooring.

BluePrint Ceramics have several ranges that fit into this interior style. Firstly the range Portico, A ceramic tile range that offers Dusky Pinks and soft Olive Greens.




BluePrint also have a fabulous Porcelain range call Rainbow, Whilst this offers an array of colour options, there are terracotta, sands, yellows and greens.





 Even when it comes to walls and floors it is still possible to incorporate colour. The experts here love these earthy colour tones and hues. We can't wait to see what the designers are doing over the next few months. Here is a final bit of BluePrint inspiration for you to enjoy with some hand picked tiles that we think are perfect match.

Monday, 20 February 2017

BluePrint Ceramics take The Surface Design Show by storm.

Round up from the Surface Design Show

2017 so far has been a busy couple of months for BluePrint Ceramics. From December of last year we have been busy preparing for the Surface Design Show 2017 that was held at the Business Design Centre in London form 7th-9th February.

In the week leading up to the show we were busy preparing our exhibition stand, We worked along side Sovereign Exhibitions laying floors and preparing boards, and constructing the stand. Everybody involved worked non stop and the end result was an outstanding finished product that looked incredible.

The show saw the BluePrint Ceramics stand buzzing, the flow of people did not slow throughout the event with architects and designers keen to see our ranges. It gave us the opportunity to meet with new and existing clients and touch base with many industry experts

It wasn't all work on the BluePrint stand, we had our surface smile Instagram board on show which gave people the chance for photo opportunity. Our friends from Jigsaw Interior Architecture  and celebrity DJ Tim Westwood couldn't resist a cheeky pic.

All the ranges got plenty of attention, particularly the ranges Shimmered and Brickwork that saw designers such as Emma Painter Interiors and Slightly Quirky Ltd sharing these amazing ranges to
social media.

Overall the show was a roaring success, BluePrint are busier than ever with new clients coming on board daily. BluePrint can't wait to be there next year and bring even more exciting innovative ranges to the show.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Travertine, Porcelain, Mosaic and Metro Tile Suppliers

Are you planning an interior design project for your residential or commercial space and looking for an extraordinary range of tiles? If so, then you would want to consider the latest 2015 tile collections from BluePrint Ceramics. After all a glamorous wall or floor tile can increase the beauty and appeal of any environment.

For changing the design of your floor tiles, you should focus on the best options available on the market. While the word 'best' is subjective, you can quantify it by judging from customer experiences. BluePrint Ceramics is ready to help you out for your convenience and also save your time. They are dedicated to provide you the best and cheapest tile for your home or office project.

BluePrint Ceramics offer their clients a huge variety of wall and floor tiles. Not only are these tiles glamorous to look at but also boasting enviable technical characteristics. 

Here is a brief overview of the products of BluePrint Ceramics:

Porcelain Floor Tiles  

Porcelain tiles are mainly used for covering the walls and floors of your home, office or retail space. The common raw material that is used in this tile is ground sand that absorbs over five percent of water. The durability of this tile is much longer than other tile types because of its absorbing capacity of water. You can find various types of porcelain tiles in BluePrint Ceramics porcelain range.  Two types of porcelain tiles such as Ardor and Travertine are very proving very popular this year.

Ardor Tile

Ardor is a high quality premium porcelain tile which replicates some of the most attractive marbles of the world, for instance- Oro, Calacatta, Grey ST, Graphite and Marfil. BluePrint Ceramics offers six different porcelain Ardor tiles with various sizes and colours according to the needs of the customer. The maximum thickness of a porcelain Ardor tile is 10 millimeters. 


Travertine is another type of porcelain tile which you can find with many size and colour options. All the designs of this tile are unique and extraordinary. The thickness of this tile is same as the porcelain Ardor tile. 

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are generally less than 5 centimeters wide in size and square in shape. BluePrint Ceramics supplies many stylish and marvelous Mosaic tiles. These Mosaic tiles are made of four types of metals such as - steel, brass, copper, and nickel. The thickness of these tiles is at least 8 millimeters.

Metro Tile:

Our Metro tile is one of the finest and stylish tiles of the market this year. This tile has the shape of tiny bricks and this particular tile can also be used very effectively as kitchen tiles. Furthermore, it can be used horizontally or vertically.  BluePrint Ceramics offers a large collection of Metro tiles for their customers. These tiles are available in a variety of different colours and shapes. The minimum thickness of every tile is 8 millimeter. These tiles are not only durable but also highly superior in terms of quality. 

For any tiling requirements our talented and experienced team is happy to help, simply call or email and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Tile Supply at Surface Design Show 2015

Have you been tasked with specifying the tiles for an upmarket residential development? Or do you need new tiles for a commercial retail outlet? Are you bored with the plain old floors of your apartment? Well time to worry has passed due to the introduction of a wide variety of tiling options from tiles to tile designs giving any type of project a touch of class..

Magic of BluePrint Ceramics

The various tile ranges displayed at the Surface Design 2015 by BluePrint Ceramics have been highly praised and acknowledged by customers and spectators. BluePrint Ceramics is a family run floor & wall tile business which took shape in November 2010 to cater to the needs of the tile market. 

Simon and Stephanie Peel have worked greatly to take this company to new heights. They are well known in the tile industry and have a wealth of experience dealing with both the technical and design aspects to tiling.

The company has a huge clientele and are proud of its supported and talented business team. With an increasing annual turnover the company maintains progressive growth and it offers a wide range of tile supply services including ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles. So next time you think about giving a new touch to any tiling project you certainly need to consider their products.

Surface Design Show 2015

The show has been one of the greatest attractions of people from all over the world interested in flooring tiles which come in a variety of porcelain, ceramic and mosaic.

Surface Design Show is a great platform to create new ideas and innovations for surface solutions, materials and products. This show features products along with latest materials from various companies dealing in surface work.

This year almost 130 exhibitors participated in the show to showcase their latest designs for construction industries. There was a live debate hosted by RIBA Journal during the preview evening on February 10 along with a PechaKucha evening on February 11.

The session of material speed dating was hosted by the Materials Council. The Surface Design Awards were presented in order to acknowledge the hard work and innovative thinking of the developers who tried their best to be the best in retail, commercial, housing as well as surface and temporary structure.

Surface Design Show has the credit of being the only show that forecasts focuses primarily on interior and exterior surfaces. Since this show got a breakthrough it has witnessed numerous exhibitors and spectators requesting always to expand the area in which the show takes place!

The event has been proving to be a great success since the sales rose up to 82% and all the floors were always filled with key exhibitors. The show became bigger and better this year.

BluePrint Ceramics at the Surface Design Show

BluePrint Ceramics has been widely praised for another successful exhibition. It displayed products in porcelain, ceramic, mosaic tiles and natural stone. Various designs in these products were presented and BluePrint Ceramics once again focused on the fundamentals of commercial tiling requirements.

The floor tile UK based company offered tile supply services free of cost to industrialists and developers keen to ensure that their projects were utilising competitively priced and technically superior tile ranges.

Links to tile ranges promoted at the show:

Porcelain Grind Tiles
Porcelain Cosmos Tiles

Ceramic Duplex Tiles
Porcelain Rock Tiles

For more information on BluePrint Ceramics or any of our tiles then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 268 3240.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Porcelain Tiles Suppler

Porcelain Tiles Supplier

It’s easy to get carried away with words like porcelain, ceramic or mosaic when it comes to flooring, because, don’t they all sound dainty and elegant?  But what is more important is to know your tiles like the back of your hand.  BluePrint Ceramics is a one-stop destination to choose your tile type, colour and texture online with ease. It is a family run business which caters to a large number of suppliers and distributors and has flourished for a long time in the tile-making industry. This article will tell you all you need to know about Porcelain Tiles, and why it is good choice for your condo.

The Basics of Porcelain

Porcelain is an interesting variant of Ceramic tiles, known for its minimal water-absorbing capacity of 0.5%. Though it’s a little tougher on the wallet than regular ceramic tiles, it’s resistance to wear and tear makes it a more than worthwhile investment in the long run. Three variants of porcelain tiles in particular are quite fascinating. Silo Porcelain is designed to strike out of the regular patterns in porcelain with creativity and paves the path to ceramic innovation. Nuance Porcelain is a blast from the past, a tribute to the quaint, vintage styles of the days gone by, and Unica Porcelain presents a harmonious balance of the old with the new.

Porcelain in the Making

The manufacture of Porcelain tiles sets it apart from regular ceramic ones by making it denser and less porous. It combines high kiln temperatures and special clays effectively to produce a dense and long-lasting tile. The process of creating a robust porcelain tile is long one. It undergoes various cycles of grinding, firing, glazing and so on before perfectly finished porcelain tile is produced.  The process is basically a five-fold one. The first step is creating the perfect blend of raw materials from a variety of clay and minerals. This is done by mixing it with water to a uniform consistency. This mixture is called the “Body-Slip”. The next two steps in manufacturing have to do with the extraction of moisture systematically and shape the clay into the required shape with the help of suitable moulds. These are the “Body Formation” and “Bisque Firing” steps. The last two steps of the manufacturing process have to do with the finishing and polishing of tiles. A decorative layer of glaze is applied to the tiles after the third step. After this, the tile is sent for further firing to fuse the glaze with the tile and create that hard, impact-resistant surface that porcelain tiles are famous for.

Why Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain is like that school topper that all mothers like. It has everything. It is hard, durable, and frost-resistant (in some cases, even frost proof). Scratches and stains leave little or no marks and all moisture can do it visit its surface without proof. As for those of us who love to scrub our floors spotlessly clean, the good news is, porcelain’s pretty resilient even with the harshest of floor detergents! It’s the perfect flooring for heavy traffic and endures without wear and tear for a long time. On a more artistic note, the designs, textures and colours provided along with these tiles also make for a warm home and hearth. All in all, Porcelain Tiles are a wonderful choice for both the practical and the poetic!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

UK Commercial Tile Suppliers & Distributors to Architects & Interior Designers

What Makes Our Tiles Unique and Popular?

Decorating a living space with beautiful tiles can immediately change the appearance and ambience of a room. BluePrint Ceramics understands this fact all too well and it creates several tile ranges that are in demand with interior designers and architects. Their unique tile ranges have become very popular in the UK due to the sheer design varieties offered by the company.

BluePrint Ceramics also displayed highlights from this years range at the 100% Design Exhibition that was held at Earls Court, London on the 23rd to 26th of September. The Design Exhibition is one of UK’s premier product and design expos and showcases premier suppliers from the sector. This year, BluePrint Ceramics was invited to showcase their unique patterns at this contemporary show and they were very happily received.

The Success of the 100% Design Exhibition

BluePrint Ceramics has a reputation for supplying unique and exclusive tile patterns for specific projects. In an industry where standardisation is necessary to ensure productivity, BluePrint Ceramics stands out because it locates tiles from a vast range of manufacturers to suit project and client requirements. Over the years, the company has worked with top-of-the-line architects and interior designers creating custom prints on tiles to suit their needs and this established a reputation for BluePrint Ceramics in the market place. 


Now, exclusivity and experimentation is the norm for the company and anyone who is searching for a tailor-made pattern knows where to go. The 100% Design Exhibition just showcased this feature for hundreds of emerging designers and architects from all over the world. To cater to changing trends, BluePrint Ceramics also debuted three new ranges at the exhibition and they were received very well.

Customers and industry experts at the exhibition were thrilled to see The Sole Porcelain, The Gemstone Porcelain, and the Industry Porcelain tile ranges. Each range was unique as it mimicked a natural material and could be used indoors and outdoors as well. The Sole range was designed to mimic traditional terracotta tiles and modern cement and it gave natural spaces a very warm and graceful appearance.

The Industry range on the other hand was designed to mimic peeling plaster and cement walls. The tiles in this range were tinted with muted colors and they gave an illusion of different surface textures. This amazingly textured and naturally flowing appearance almost created an impression of slate or quarried walls. They are now colored in oxidized metallic shades and are extremely popular due to their chromatic colorations and flowing textures.

The Gemstone Range resembles delicately veined marble and it is perfect for any interior. BluePrint Ceramics spent several months of research to create the perfect veined appearance and chromatic hues of the tiles. The result is that every tile is unique and appears fresh-hewn from a slab of virgin marble.

The Perfect Tile

The new tile ranges are so popular that the company has already sold several lots to international designers. These custom tiles now grace the walls and floors of prestigious projects like the BNP Paribas Building in London’s King Cross; the Berkeley Homes in Marine Wharf, London; Douglas House, London; Hard Rock CafĂ© in Edinburgh; and Kappahl Retail in Sweden.

BluePrint Ceramics believes in making the best, and custom prints are their speciality. If you have a specific need, do not hesitate to call. We will make sure you get exactly what you are looking for to make your building project beautiful and unique.