Travertine, Porcelain, Mosaic and Metro Tile Suppliers

Are you planning an interior design project for your residential or commercial space and looking for an extraordinary range of tiles? If so, then you would want to consider the latest 2015 tile collections from BluePrint Ceramics. After all a glamorous wall or floor tile can increase the beauty and appeal of any environment.

For changing the design of your floor tiles, you should focus on the best options available on the market. While the word 'best' is subjective, you can quantify it by judging from customer experiences. BluePrint Ceramics is ready to help you out for your convenience and also save your time. They are dedicated to provide you the best and cheapest tile for your home or office project.

BluePrint Ceramics offer their clients a huge variety of wall and floor tiles. Not only are these tiles glamorous to look at but also boasting enviable technical characteristics. 

Here is a brief overview of the products of BluePrint Ceramics:

Porcelain Floor Tiles  

Porcelain tiles are mainly used for covering the walls and floors of your home, office or retail space. The common raw material that is used in this tile is ground sand that absorbs over five percent of water. The durability of this tile is much longer than other tile types because of its absorbing capacity of water. You can find various types of porcelain tiles in BluePrint Ceramics porcelain range.  Two types of porcelain tiles such as Ardor and Travertine are very proving very popular this year.

Ardor Tile

Ardor is a high quality premium porcelain tile which replicates some of the most attractive marbles of the world, for instance- Oro, Calacatta, Grey ST, Graphite and Marfil. BluePrint Ceramics offers six different porcelain Ardor tiles with various sizes and colours according to the needs of the customer. The maximum thickness of a porcelain Ardor tile is 10 millimeters. 


Travertine is another type of porcelain tile which you can find with many size and colour options. All the designs of this tile are unique and extraordinary. The thickness of this tile is same as the porcelain Ardor tile. 

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are generally less than 5 centimeters wide in size and square in shape. BluePrint Ceramics supplies many stylish and marvelous Mosaic tiles. These Mosaic tiles are made of four types of metals such as - steel, brass, copper, and nickel. The thickness of these tiles is at least 8 millimeters.

Metro Tile:

Our Metro tile is one of the finest and stylish tiles of the market this year. This tile has the shape of tiny bricks and this particular tile can also be used very effectively as kitchen tiles. Furthermore, it can be used horizontally or vertically.  BluePrint Ceramics offers a large collection of Metro tiles for their customers. These tiles are available in a variety of different colours and shapes. The minimum thickness of every tile is 8 millimeter. These tiles are not only durable but also highly superior in terms of quality. 

For any tiling requirements our talented and experienced team is happy to help, simply call or email and a representative will be happy to assist you.