Dtile – Offering Endless Possibilities in Tile Design

Add Colour and Contour to Your World with Creative Dtiles

When it comes to decorating your living spaces with tiles, there is only one idea that always strikes - flat cubed tiles which are so commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. But could you ever have imagined that tiles could do so much more than that? For example, they could cover almost any functional space seamlessly and be available in sizes and shapes that were so long unheard of! Well, that’s exactly what BluePrint Ceramics is doing as a leading distributor of tiles in the UK. We are hinged on innovation and Dtile is one such offering from our stable that proves our penchant for breaking new grounds.

What are Dtiles?

A fantastic new product in the world of interiors as well as exterior decoration, Dtile consists of flat, continuous tile grids which can completely cover an area of any shape or size. This means right from curves and bends on the walls to kitchen table tops, round or square objects like furniture, domestic or industrial spaces to cafeterias and workstations, this tile will offer an unbroken finish once applied to any type of surface.

Be it for external walls and roofs or for internal areas like saunas, fireplaces or floors, it is safe to use this highly durable and frost-resistant tile. Also, any area once covered with Dtile assumes a soft curvy finish, making it very safe for children and adults alike.

Dtile, owing to its flexible features, helps save tremendously on additional investments on pipes, sinks, glass and wooden fitments, and components like shower trays, wall hangers, holders and book shelves. With these tiles you can also cover drain pipes, plug holders and air vent grids.

Variety of Colours and Shapes

What’s striking about the Dtile is its range of colour and variety of shapes. The surface of these tiles carries a creamy appearance and retains their gloss for several years. Again, unlike traditional tiles which are available only in flat square shapes, Dtile is manufactured as three-dimensional and concave corners, cups, outside caps, and inside or outside saddles, which can be further resized and reshaped to fit a specific surface.

Interestingly, this Dtile system is available in a typical 15x15 cm module, which can be altered depending on the size specifications of the area or object that has to be covered. However, many customers prefer to keep the original 15x15 cm module intact and redesign the area. This is especially helpful while building bathroom shelves, table tops or recreating a new drain pipe.

What’s more, no matter how the tiles are finally shaped, they always retain a seamless and attractive appearance. Easy to clean and maintain, Dtile is best used on objects that require little or no movement.

Dtiles at BluePrint Ceramics

If you want to place an order for these revolutionary new tiles to spruce up your interiors or decorate the exteriors, you can visit us at BluePrint Ceramics, UK’s leading distributor of Dtiles.

Our recently finished projects at prestigious locations are further proof of our mastery and craftsmanship in tiles. These projects were undertaken at Z Café Piccadilly, Z Café Soho- Moor Street, Z Café Victoria – Belgrave Street, House of Wolf – London Islington and at Scarpetta – Cannon Street.


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